Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beautiful pow skiing In JH and a broken rib!

Julie Weinberg Photo

Today I went out on an early tram with my photographer friend Julie Weinberg and got some beautiful powder shots. The temperature dropped to negative one which made for very nice and light powder skiing, what I like to call cowboy pow. We got some beautiful shots with the Jackson valley in the background. I felt so lucky to be up there skiing on such an awesome day with nobody around. Watching the tram go up and down from the valley floor through the fog. After I was done shooting photos I was really excited to go ski Cody Peak and hopefully No Name face. I was struggling to find anyone to go with, because not a lot of people were around. I called my friend Hadley and she said she was just going to work on going off small airs, a part of me now wishes that I would have went and helped her because now she has a broken back and I have broken ribs. I feel so bad for her, because she is a lot worse off than me, but will recover fast. Getting injured is never a good thing, it is so hard to come back strong and confident. I met up with my friend Alex and we decided to go do Twice is Nice, something I have skied a lot before. We got fresh tracks in Twice which was awesome but we had to deal with a little with slough management. I skied down the right fin and had some amazing pow shots but as I was cutting over to him in the safe zone the slough caused me to lose my balance and I landed right on my side on a huge boulder that somehow must have come down with the snow because it was right on top of the snow. Bad luck, I jumped right back up and thought I was fine, but I definitely was having a hard time breathing. I skied the rest of the technical chute with no problems and thought I could hike up to No Name face to ski. That was definitely was not going to happen, so I slowly tried to ski out. I was in so much pain every little bump brought on nausea and dizziness. The pain was pretty excruciating and at the end of the traverse I ran into my friends Griffin and Matt, I was so excited to see them! When you are injured it is so nice to be around people that are so supportive and helpful. (thanks Alex and Brian also!) I just need to rest for a few days and I am hoping to be skiing in no time, super painful and it is dumping. My good friend and fellow competitor Jess Mcmillan is also injured so we were able to go on a walk today which was the highlight of my day! I hope her and Hadley heal fast and we will all be abel to rip around together again. When you are injured you never realize how much you love to ski!!! I cant' wait to get back out there.

Twice is Nice

Friday, December 10, 2010

Beer Camp!

We al traveled to Sierra Nevada to learn about the beer! Pretty impressive, they are great people to have sponsor the tour! Very sustainable and professional. Enjoy the video