Monday, January 28, 2013

Chamonix stop #2

The competition did not pan out the way I wanted it to, but I did receive 5th place which is good to have for points. I was having a very hard time choosing which line I was going to ski and I did not choose between the 2 lines until the start. Usually I know what I want to ski the night before so this was a little different than the normal routine. After Revelstoke, crashing and having tough conditions my confidence had taken a big dive. It is amazing how mental this sport it! This has already been a tough start to the year coming back from 2 injuries and trying pick up where I left off at the end of the season last year. The decision was to go with my plan A, which was a steep chute with only one air with a very fast landing. I knew that one air was not going to be enough unless I skied it with no hesitation. I have fealt a lot of pressure as well being one of the reigning world tour champions and Christine who is the champion from the Europe tour is having an amazing season winning the first 2 stops thus far. It is very hard to not let all that get into your mind!
As I left the start gate my nerves were far to high and I was not my normal charging self from the gate. I entered into my section and it was very steep, tight and chopped up! I tried to ski fluidly thorough, but got caught up more than I thought and hesitated a bit to much for only having one small air. Choosing this line and not skiing it well definitely cost me chance at the podium. It does give me some fire and motivation for the next event, which is in Kirkwood Ca at the end of February. I still had a really good time on my run and competing in Chamonix is a pretty amazing opportunity!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chamonix stop #2 tomorrow!!!

After being home for just 10 days working at the gym and coaching the womens camp in Jackson I flew to Chamonix yesterday for the second stop on the Freeride World and we are competing tomorrow! I love Chamonix and the energy, everyone in this town loves skiing and they are so supportive of our event. The face we are skiing has a few options, but the ladies once again have to compete last so that makes it tough for line choices. There are a lot of options though and I am just excited to ski! The bib draw was tonight in the center of Chamonix, I am running 7th for the ladies and am happy with my start position. After my crash in Revelstoke I am not sure if my confidence is great, but getting a crash out of the way definitely helps! Tomorrow the competition will be live at 9 am Euro time, girls are set to go at 1230 pm, which will be 430am mountain USA. Thank you Head, Scott, Mountain Athlete ,JHMR and all my sponsors for your support! Also thank you to all my family, friends and clients!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sometimes things do not go as planned!

Beautiful viewing area!!

The "Mac Daddy evil"
The ladies scoping their line

watch out we are mean fighting machines!
Eva and I
This morning the light shown over the Mac Daddy and it looked like the most perfect conditions one could ask for! That was until 50 competitors skied in front of you! I was only able to see the mens snowboarding and everything looked awesome, I saw the men ski my air and it looked like an amazing powder landing. I had toned my line down a little from last year and felt confident about the air, but should have realized that the snow had setup over the last couple of hours. I am not sure why the ski girls had to ski in the worst possible conditions and when there was only a handful of us that would not leave much of a mark on the venue. I would much rather deal with slough management then what all the ladies had to deal with today. This was my first time back skiing in competition since 2 injuries the big one being my leg. I was psyched with how I skied, even though the conditions were variable. I thought the landing in my air would be soft, but it was like hitting a concrete trenched out hole. The good thing was that I was okay and my body could take the crash. That was a big thing for me, even though disappointing. I am excited for the next stop Chamonix in 2 weeks! I just continue to learn no matter how many times I go out of the start gate. This was an amazing week of skiing and maybe someday I will get to ski that face in the sun! I so appreciate all the support from my sponsors, my family, my boyfriend and all my friends. Lots of love to everyone.

Live at 920 pst, women around 1 pm pst!

Competition is a go it is bluebird and cold! Tune into I am dropping 4th for the ski ladies! Thank you everyone for all your support!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Revelstoke competition update!

2013 view of Mac Daddy!

Nat and I inspecting!
The ladies!
I arrived in Revelstoke on Friday after a small detour to do some ice climbing with my boyfriend Brian, which is always a good way to get your mind off the competition! As soon as we arrived here it started to snow and looking at the weather forecast it may not give way to many sunny days. The venue "Mac Daddy" that we are competing on looks good, but needs some light to ski. It is an amazing Alaska style face and once again I am so excited to compete! We are making history in Revelstoke with the first unified tour and I am really excited to be part of this competition. Tonight we had the bib draw and it was really awesome to see the North American riders and the European riders all coming together for the first time and being one team! We all still need to get to know each other even though some of us have competed together for a while. I had an amazing day today skiing at Rogers Pass and doing a bit of filming for our all woman film Hecuba. The competition is on hold, which is tough mentally but I just have to try and relax and enjoy the skiing in the meantime. Thank you to Arcteryx, Head, Mountain Athlete, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Scott for making it possible for me to be here! Also thank you to my friends, family and all my clients/friends that support Wright Training and myself.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Revelstoke and the tour!

The "Mac Daddy"
The past 6 months have been some of the best, but some of the hardest for me mentally and physically. In early May I broke my tibula in two spots and my fibula in one in a freak mountain bike accident. I was in the hospital for a week and had to have two surgeries and now have a 12 inch rod and some screws in my leg. It made me realize how fast life can change and I feel lucky that is all I had to endure. I was not able to put weight on my leg for over two months and as someone that thrives off outdoor and physical activity it was so tough. I started training at the gym immediately and thanks to robs help I was able to stay as strong as I possibly could for my injury. During this time I decided to focus on my training business and work on building up my clientele. Thanks to my clients, boyfriend, family and friends I was able to stay positive! About a week after my injury I received a phone call from Brian Barlow one of the heads of the Freeride World Tour asking me if I wanted to committ to competing on the first unified tour! This is what I had always wanted , but  here I was sitting with a mangled leg. I could not have even imagine walking down my driveway let alone skiing in a competition. I said yes and that started my recovery and drive to be good to compete by winter!

The top of Mac Daddy!
Jess and I last year waiting for our Heli to the top of the face!
Here I am about 8 months later getting ready to travel to Revelstoke to compete in a couple days! I have been training for this through my leg injury and shoulder surgery, but now that it is here I am  a little nervous. I have been skiing and trying to build up my confidence again, but it has been difficult getting used to this new leg and trusting my body. I will be competing at exactly 8 months since I broke my leg! I just want to go and ski and push myself and enjoy this sport that I love so much! The competition is set for Monday January 7th and will be live.