Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love second place!!

The past two days the Freeskiing World Tour qualifiers came to Jackson, it was spring break in January super warm! It made for some interesting skiing conditions. The first day I definitely did not ski the exact way that I wanted to and did not get rewarded for the line that I attempted to ski. I was about 5 points behind going into day 2, which meant a lot of catching up on my part. I picked a line that I really liked and skied strong! I moved up to 2nd and my good friend Rebecca took first! She skied very well both days and I could not be happier for her. This is my 12th second place in my career so I have to laugh a little though because it seems to be kind of where I am stuck 90% of the time. Here are the top 3 ladies runs

Finals Top 3 Women: Jackson Hole 2011 from Subaru Freeskiing World Tour on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jackson Hole Qualifier Freeskiing World Tour

This weekend the tour comes to Jackson for a qualifier stop, this does not count for overall tour points, but gives people the chance that are not already pre-qualified a chance to do so. Since it is in my hometown I figured it would be good to compete hopefully a little stress free. Also it will be good to get another competition under my belt before Kirkwood which is not for another month. The last 3 years that the comp was in Jackson I was in first place after the first day and was never able to hold onto it without crashing under the pressure. I hope this year to just ski 3 solid runs and finish strong!!! I have a little redemption with tower 3 and toilet bowl!!! The event with go live tomorrow around 10 am or come watch it in Casper bowl on Friday and Tower 3 on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outdoor Retailer and Arcteryx

Part Of Arcteryx Team

This past weekend I experienced the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake. It was a great time to see all of next years gear from different vendors. I met some of my various sponsors reps including my Arcteryx rep Laura, who I am constant contact with via email, but have never met. I also got to check out the new colors Arcteryx is coming out with and the new designs. I also learned more about the Hestra gloves, Jansport backpacks, Icebreaker and Nuun & Company. The night I happened to be there was the celebration of Greg Hills 2 million vertical feet self-supported in one year. Pretty impressive!! Greg is also an Arcteryx athlete so it was really neat to meet such an amazing athlete. Glen Plake was there and he is always a great person to be around, he has so much energy and I realize why he made extreme skiing the way it is today. It was great to meet some of the main Arcteryx team from the head designer to the head of apparrel and color. Arcteryx has been such an amazing sponsor for me so it was great to be able to learn more about production and how the company functions. I like to be able to talk about the different gear when people ask, so it definitely was a good learning experience and a lot of fun!

Greg Hill and Glen Plake

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awesome heli ride and 4th place with a fall.

Mac Face after it had sloughed and with patrols on it!

Revelstoke was an awesome experience, but was one of the more mentally stressful comps I had competed in. Before leaving to go to Revy my ribs were definitely not a 100%. When we first got there they started to spasm really bad and I was not sure I would be able to compete. I found a line on day one that I thought was awesome and I thought I knew it really well. I missed my top air and it cost me 5 points, which put me pretty far out. The comp was also delayed for two days, which was good for my ribs but stressful mentally because I was just ready to compete. After day one I was psyched to ski Mac face and it looked amazing. Monday morning I headed up the mountain and it was on of the coldest days that we had experienced in Revy. (easily negative 20 with wind chill) I watched the patrollers do ski cuts and all the snow slide off the face. I could not believe how thin the face had become. I decided to pick a chute that was technical, but did not have a lot of air. We loaded the heli after the patrollers had done two runs of control. The heli ride was so amazing the day was cold and clear so you could see for miles into the mountains. We unloaded on the top and I think all of our nerves came back after the excitement of the heli ride. We were all a little unsure what to ski. The first two girls went and walked out of their skis above exposure, which was a little intimidating. The snow was incredibly punchy and crusty and the head judge was telling us to go slow and just ski fluid. I entered in and felt the snow breaking underneath me, I went into the chute and all the snow was strait sugar to rock. Every turn I made it would all slough away to rock. I made it down the rocky exposed chute pretty well until I decided to ski out with some speed. I came out a little hot and hit the hardened avy debris and spun around on my back twice. I was back up skiing as fast as I could through the debris. I watched the other two girls fall behind me as well. I had to go for it with the position I was in, but it was so crazy to see every girl fall except one. My fall did not score as well as the others and I was left with 4th place, which I am happy with and now I am sitting in second in the tour standings. Overall such a fun skiing experience! Can't wait to go back.

Helicopter on the landing zone!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Helicopter and powder competition!!!


Today was a great competition the snow was great and it was so fun to watch. I was so excited about my line and I thought I knew my line really well. I have been more nervous than normal at this comp and I entered in feeling pretty good, but came in to hot and missed my top air that was really the main points for my line score. I just blacked out and was not sure where I was! Lucky for me I am still in for the finals, I am 5 points out though, so I have some catching up to do. Tomorrow we get to ski by visual inspection only and 60 cm of fresh powder!!!! I am really excited, I am ready to ski something that gets my heart pumping a little. Today I kinda blew it in that department! Revelstoke has been awesome and tomorrow should be a beautiful day for a comp. Tune in at 1230 pm mtn time for the live cast ( Should be a great show and I am excited to redeem myself and ski a fun line. My ribs feel better as well so that really helps my confidence!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Game on Revelstoke! Live Tomorrow at 10 am.


It has not stopped snowing since we arrived here and today the skiing got even better. It has snowed about 3 feet since Tuesday. The energy on the hill is amazing all the locals are pumped and all the athletes are having so much fun ripping lines. My rib is feeling better and I am stoked tomorrow because the landings are soft and there is a lot of new snow. I picked a line that I am psyched about, but I still get so nervous because my confidence has taken a hug dive since injuring myself. I just need to be confident and ski my line the way I know how to ski and not worry about the results. It should be a good show for the men and women! Live at 10 am

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Powder day at Revelstoke day 1 postponed

Today was an awesome powder day at Revelstoke! It snowed 15 inches overnight and it was the best day the locals have had in 2 years, I am glad I could be a part of it! I had a little relapse with my ribs yesterday, so I have been having a hard time mentally. I could hardly ski down yesterday. Today I taped them and felt a lot better, I was a least able to ski 80 percent. We have another day until we compete so hopefully the cartilage and muscle will calm down. I just need to get the confidence to be able to ski what I want to ski and not worry about the pain or getting hurt. I am just happy to be skiing and I am psyched to be in Revelstoke skiing powder and hopefully I can find a line that I can flash and ski well. The womens qualifiers went off today and all the women skied well, my Jackson girls team skied well, but both fell. Tomorrow will be an inspection day and then the event is set to kickoff on Saturday live at the

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Revelstoke here we come! January 7-9 2011

Day 1 Venue

I am really excited to head up to Revelstoke, BC for the third stop on the Freeskiing World Tour. I have been injured for the last couple weeks, but am hoping I will be able to compete to my full potential by Friday. I love Canada and the Revelstoke area the people are so nice and so supportive of the tour. I am heading up with two other girls from Jackson, so hopefully we will have some good representation of Jackson girls. I am bummed my friend Jess will not be with us, but I am hoping here a speedy recovery so she can compete soon. I am excited to compete again and see all of my small family of the tour! The event should be live webcasted on January 8th, so tune if you have the chance.!!