Sunday, January 15, 2012

Revelstoke Finals " The Mac Daddy! "

After waiting for three weather days and feeling that we were never going to compete for Day 2, it finally cleared on Wednesday! That morning we loaded the Gondola early and the weather was crisp and cold. The boys would be going first, so my nerves had not hit quite yet. I had looked at a ton of pictures of the face and felt pretty confident with my run on lookers right. The snow looked great over there and I would be able to get 3 good airs. There was another line that I had seen that was on lookers left, but I was concerned about slough management. Since the men were going first I knew that it could be an option to ski the other line. Hiking out to the ridge was beautiful, the mountains were covered with fresh snow and finally for the first time in 8 days you could see for miles. As I hiked out to the ridge I could see 2 helicopters parked along the ridge, I could not believe we got to ride in one of those to the start!!!

The boys started around 1030 am with perfect light on one of the most aesthetic venues I had ever seen. I watched a few boys ski my line to the lookers left and I decided that is what I needed to do! I started to get nervous, because this would be one of the biggest airs I had skied in a competition above serious exposure. We loaded the heli around 1230 pm to head to the top, I got to ride in the very front and it was the most exhilarating ride as the pilot just fell off the side of the ridge and flew us to the top. Looking down on my line from the helicopter I became incredibly nervous. From the top the snow did not look as good as it had from a distance. Standing in the start I was not completely sure where I was, but as I left the start gate I hoped I would recognize something as I started to ski. Sure enough I found my entrance, the snow was incredibly punchy and I knew I was above a lot of exposure so I skied a lot slower than usual as I go closer to my air I realized that it rolled away and was a lot bigger than I thought! I knew I could do it and I just had to go for it. I paused for a second lined myself up and then went. As I was in the air I might Have closed my eyes, but all I could think of is wow this might hurt. As I landed the air and skied out I was shocked I had just landed with no problems! I skied fast through the finish so pumped about my run, the helicopter was waiting to take us back up to the ridge. What an amazing day!! I finished second!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finals set for Tuesday Heli drop!!

The last week has been amazing in Canada, we could not have asked for better conditions! The sun has not been out once and it has continued to snow a little bit every day filling everything in nicely! After day 1 I am excited with my finish, the women are incredibly close, tied for 5th I am less than a point out of first. I skied the line I wanted to ski today and felt I skied well! I could have picked a more challenging line, but I really wanted to make sure I was able to make it to the finals! I had a blast during my run and coming through the finish was once again the most rewarding part! This is probably my 31st competition and no matter what I always have a hard time controlling my nerves! It never gets any easier, if anything I have more expectations for myself, but coming through the finish makes me realize why I continue to compete! The weather has blown in again causing us to have to use two weather days, I have yet to see the face I am competing on, but the photo makes it look pretty amazing! I also start to feel a little nervous thinking about it, because it is an incredibly steep face with a ton of terrain! I can not wait to be able to ride the helicopter and ski the Mac Daddy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 1 Live tomorrow 11 am mountain time!

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the Freeskiing World Tour/ Freeride World Tour Revelstoke! Tomorrow should be good and the coverage is great! The venue was closed all day and it continued to snow,tomorrow should be good! Tune in live at 11 am mountain time to to watch the event happen. The ladies run first and I luckily drew bib number 9, which is right in the middle! I am nervous, but excited to ski a fast and smooth run!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kicking Horse and Revelstoke!!!

Kicking Horse

Each year when I get to come to Canada, I get so excited because everyone is so nice and the ski resorts are mellow and have amazing terrain. The last 2 years I have driven past Kicking Horse and always wanted to stop. This year Hadley, Jess and I decided to make the 14 hour push and stay the night in Golden and ski Kicking Horse yesterday. I had heard that is was one of the only mountains that can compare to Jackson Hole. After skiing a full day there I was more than stoked with the terrain. It had a ton of fun chutes and steep terrain that is easily accessible from the Gondola. The vertical was continual and right around 4100 feet, I have not been that tired from skiing in a while and really helped my confidence for Revelstoke. The conditions were also great, it snowed all day so the skiing just kept getting better and better!


Today it was dumping in Revelstoke and we headed up early to get registered for the competition and do some more pow skiing! The visibility was not great, but since a few of us have been here we were able to find the good spots. Such steep terrain with soft snow. A few of my friends have to compete in qualifiers tomorrow ( I am pre-qualified from my results in South America) so I helped them pick out lines. I really enjoy helping out the other ladies, I know how nervous I was for my first competition and how I had no idea how to pick out a ski line on a venue. I love picking out different lines on a venue for different skiers, all the ladies ski differently so it has been fun to help them. I hope they do well!! I scoped my line for Day 1 a couple of times and I am pretty excited about it, because the snow is bonding to all the rocks and is incredibly soft!! I have another day to scope lines and cheer on my friends, before competing on Friday!