Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fieberbrunn, Austria: Freeride World Tour Stop # 2

I woke up this morning feeling very confident about my line, but knew it was a little risky because it was a steep chute that funneled into a mandatory cliff area. It was a beautiful clear day and when we unloaded the gondola we had a great view of the entire face. I scoped my line once more and felt confident about where I was going, the venue was incredibly rocky, but there were ways around all the rocks. I headed up the to the bottom of the boot pack that took us to the top of the venue, it was about a 45 minute hike. It was a good time for me to calm my nerves, I was running 19th so I knew I had some time. I stood at the top and could see down on most of the venue and watched most of the girls ski trying not to become to nervous. I really wanted to do well in this competition, but I also wanted to push my skiing ability. I headed out of the start gate skiing pow into the top of my line. I then dropped strait fall line toward my chute and knew exactly where I was! I skied fast and fluid, dodging rocks the entire way down, I could not believe how many sharks were hiding under the surface. I was the first person to ski into my area and as I entered the tight chute the slough started to run. I looked down and I felt that I was in a river getting ready to go off a waterfall, the snow was running fast under me over rocks. I knew I just needed to point it, but with as many rocks as there were it was very intimidating. I finally did point it, but there were more rocks than I expected and I hooked a rock on my takeoff which sent me landing hard on my right side. I am still learning a lot about skiing with slough. I still had some of the venue to ski and my goggles were caked with snow and as I went into my next feature the helicopter was right above me stirring up so much snow that I could not even see my takeoff. I guess it was pretty cool to have a heli above my head!!! ha ha. I landed that air luckily and skied into the finish very disappointed, but really excited that I had skied a really neat line. I looked back up and my tracks were set out by themselves and that was my line. I was the only woman to ski that line, which was awesome. I have had a rough start to my year, but it has all been a great learning experience with my first time visual inspecting and being a rookie on a new tour. I am glad that I am challenging myself more and making myself a better skier. I am very excited to go home and ski Jackson!! I have missed my home. PICTURED HERE: Full view of where I skied and a close up view of the Chute that turned all to rocks!!!

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