Friday, March 11, 2011

Ryan Hawks Memorial and Snowbird Day 1

Coming to Snowbird this weekend I had a lot of emotions flooding through me. I was not feeling like competing, but I just wanted to see everyone after our good friend and fellow competitor Ryan passed away in Kirkwood, Ca. Last night about 300 people went to the top of Hidden Peak and we all gathered around as the sun set over the Wasatch and the wind was hollowing. Ryan's dad gave a beautiful speech and then other close friends also spoke of good times and memories. We all huddled together as the the sun disappeared behind the mountains and I realized why I love to compete and why I love this family that we all have. It was so great to be with everyone that has the same passion and understanding of the sport. We all celebrated Ryan and came together as one!

Today was a beautiful sunny day and a super fun competition to ski in and watch, there was so much great skiing from everyone and in my opinion it was some of the best women skiing I have seen in a while. I picked a very fluid and fast run, and am sitting in a great position for tomorrow only one point out of 1st place. I love the venue and am surrounded by amazing friends and have great support from home. Tomorrow it will go live at at 1030. Should be a good show!!

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Suki said...

Go luck and go big Crystal! I'll be cheering for you from Alaska!