Sunday, January 15, 2012

Revelstoke Finals " The Mac Daddy! "

After waiting for three weather days and feeling that we were never going to compete for Day 2, it finally cleared on Wednesday! That morning we loaded the Gondola early and the weather was crisp and cold. The boys would be going first, so my nerves had not hit quite yet. I had looked at a ton of pictures of the face and felt pretty confident with my run on lookers right. The snow looked great over there and I would be able to get 3 good airs. There was another line that I had seen that was on lookers left, but I was concerned about slough management. Since the men were going first I knew that it could be an option to ski the other line. Hiking out to the ridge was beautiful, the mountains were covered with fresh snow and finally for the first time in 8 days you could see for miles. As I hiked out to the ridge I could see 2 helicopters parked along the ridge, I could not believe we got to ride in one of those to the start!!!

The boys started around 1030 am with perfect light on one of the most aesthetic venues I had ever seen. I watched a few boys ski my line to the lookers left and I decided that is what I needed to do! I started to get nervous, because this would be one of the biggest airs I had skied in a competition above serious exposure. We loaded the heli around 1230 pm to head to the top, I got to ride in the very front and it was the most exhilarating ride as the pilot just fell off the side of the ridge and flew us to the top. Looking down on my line from the helicopter I became incredibly nervous. From the top the snow did not look as good as it had from a distance. Standing in the start I was not completely sure where I was, but as I left the start gate I hoped I would recognize something as I started to ski. Sure enough I found my entrance, the snow was incredibly punchy and I knew I was above a lot of exposure so I skied a lot slower than usual as I go closer to my air I realized that it rolled away and was a lot bigger than I thought! I knew I could do it and I just had to go for it. I paused for a second lined myself up and then went. As I was in the air I might Have closed my eyes, but all I could think of is wow this might hurt. As I landed the air and skied out I was shocked I had just landed with no problems! I skied fast through the finish so pumped about my run, the helicopter was waiting to take us back up to the ridge. What an amazing day!! I finished second!

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Lorraine Huber said...

Congrats Crystal, your run was really fun to watch! Way to go hitting that big cliff too!