Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bec Des Rosses

Competing in the Verbier extreme has always been a huge goal of mine and today that goal became a reality! Standing in the start my nerves started to elevate as the helicopters were flying over and I could see the large crowd across the way. I was the last girl to drop in, which made it hard for me to decide which line I wanted to ski. I saw a few girls crash on the line I wanted to ski, but I decided to ski it anyway. I really had nothing to lose and this might be my first and last Verbier extreme. As I droppped in my nerves went away and I hit my top air and landed in some rocks, but stayed on my feet and skied fluidly into my next main air. The air was a lot bigger than I thought and again there were rocks in my landing. I landed and excelerated into the chute with a ton of adrenaline pumping through me, as I slowed down and skied into my bottom smaller air I did not have enough speed and the snow was incredibly punchy! I punched through to my knees and did a somersault. Such a bummer!! Skiing into the finish I was incredibly bummed because I had made it past the hard part of my run and then had tough luck at the bottom. Going back up to the top to watch guys was such an amazing experience, there were VIP watching areas and thousands of people were watching the competition. We drank wine out of nice glasses and watched the men compete on the Le Bec! Such a cool day, I feel so lucky to ski here! It definitely is a little bittersweet though! I might need another chance at the Bec Des Rosses!

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