Monday, January 19, 2009

Red Mountain Final Day

This morning I woke up with a lot more energy and excitement than I had felt the previous two days. Today for me there was nothing to lose and I wanted to ski for myself. During inspection I looked at some new options for airs and a chance at improving my line. The lower lumbar, which was not included in Day one was in and there was an intimidating free fall line that I wanted to do. I tried it out in inspection and it worked great so I was ready for my line. 
I had a lot motivation to ski today, which what I had been lacking for the last two days. I jumped into my line and felt my energy move into aggression as I scaled across a rock at the top of my line. I didn't exactly mean to be on the rock, but there I was so I had to move with it. I made it to my first air smooth and with no problems and then it was time to charge the rest of the venue. I was on the verge of out of control, but at least I was skiing aggressive and having a blast in the process. I got to my last air with so much adrenaline pumping through me, and then I just went and felt my leg hit something but came out on my feet, what a rush. I came into a group of my friends and we talked about our runs and watched the rest of the girls ski really awesome but some have some difficulties staying on their feet. Janina my good kiwi friend skied amazing all week and won the competition hands down. I moved up to second which was exciting and had the highest score I have ever had on the last day. I was just so happy that my skiing was still there and I had so much fun skiing the aggressive way.

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