Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fourth Door and Mckenzie Couloirs

Laura Booting Up Skiing Mckenzie Couloir

Mckenzie Peak and Couloir
I am finally in Canada and have spent the last two days at Revelstoke and all I can say is wow! This mountain has some unbelievable terrain and we were able to ski some awesome couloirs today. I am up here with Arcteryx clothing and three other amazing women one being our photgrapher/filmaker. Yesterday I was staring at Mckenzie couloir all day and I could not wait to have the opportunity to ski it today. It is about a 800 foot couloir that has about a 45 degree pitch, talk about my perfect run.
We hiked around the back of Mt. Mckenzie and walked past a bunch of different couloirs unitl we arrived at door four, which also was a very steep couloir probably about 50 degrees and 400 feet long. The entrance was located between two large cornices and we had to do a bit of a hop into the chute. After skiing this couloir it dumped us out right at the bottom of Mckenzie couloir. We then boot packed up the couloir Laura and I switching turns putting in the boot pack. The snow was very deep and sugary. The views from the top were amazing mountains for miles and miles. I skied the couloir first and had awesome powder up to the knee. Then Laura and Andrea both ripped down the couloir as well beautifully done I must say. We were all so pumped that we were able to ski both of these awesome couloirs. Tomorrow we head to Rogers Pass.

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