Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Finally I was able to put three runs together and it happened in one of the most amazing venues on the world tour in Snowbird, Ut. I went down to Snowbird for the the second stop on the world tour trying not to have any expectations, but really wanting to ski well. To make a long story short I won my first stop on the tour since I started two years ago! Words can not describe how excited I am to have finally finished in the top spot. I have been in first six times and have never been able to hold on to my position. I skied the first day on Silver Fox fluid and fast. I started out tied for second with Emily Teague and behind Leah Evans. We were only a one tenth of a point behind her and then it was completely stacked behind us. I knew I had to ski well on North Baldy to move up. I had an air at the bottom that made me so nervous I had not been that nervous in a long time. I was just nervous because the snow was very hard and fast. The first run I hooked a rock on my takeoff, but was able to hold onto it and land comfortably, but fast. I had moved into the lead by 4 points I could not believe it, I decided to ski the same line on my second run and try and point it a little higher so that I would flow over the rocks and not clip a rock. I definitely had more speed, but I can not describe how fun it was to be solid in the air and have a good run. I was flooded by all of my girlfriends congratulating me which made my win that much more special. I also ended up winning by ten points which was that much more amazing. I am pumped about Kirkwood which is coming up this weekend!

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