Tuesday, March 31, 2009

World Tour Stop # 3 Kirkwood, CA

Kirkwood was interesting to say the least. The conditions were not the most ideal for a big mountain competition but everyone skied really well and safe. Day One was 50 degrees and sunny and the venue got better as the day went on. I chose to run 18, which I thought was a good call so the conditions had a chance to soften a little. I picked a strait fall line run with four features, I was pretty happy with my run and ended the day tied for first with Karine. Being in first after the first day was great except I had to run last the next day and the weather was supposed to deteriorate as the day went on.
I inspected the next morning with my good friend and competitor Crystal-Rose Lee. We were both shocked with how bad the conditions were, I forgot to mention that we were skiing a permenately closed area called the Cirque. This is one of the most amazing venues on the tour if it had fresh snow and one of the worst without. I picked out a line that was steep and exposed and had very few airs, I was not really in to jumping onto hard pack. Two hours after waiting at the top it was finally my turn to go and they had moved the start down to a place I had not inspected. I was not sure where I was going but hoped I could find my way, just before I skied the weather came in and they sent me anyway. I could not see two feet in front of me but I just went for it and it seemed to work out okay. I am not sure how I was judged on the top half of my run but oh well I was ready to ski and be done with my run. Overall I had a solid run, nothing fancy, but was able to end up in second, which was still very exciting. My good friend Sonja Lercher won, which was awesome because she has worked so hard and had a great run. My second place helps me out for the overall and hopefully I can hold onto it if I ski solid in AK. I can't wait to go back to Alaska!

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