Sunday, February 20, 2011

Le Meije

The Le Meije is one of the most beautiful mountains that I have ever seen. In La Grave when riding the Telephrique it looms above the entire way and it can be seen from La Grave and all the surrounding villages. Yesterday we drove high up onto the hill across the way and drove to 3 villages that have the most amazing views and are on steep hillsides. These villages were built high on the hill, because the Le Meije , surrounding peaks and canyon is so big it blocks the sun from most of La Grave until the afternoon. We visited the La Grave church which is higher on the hill and is about 600 years old. They have a really impressive graveyard overlooking the village and the mountains.

The history in Europe is so crazy to that of the U.S., it is so much older and people have been settling this area for 700 years.

Yesterday Brian and I went out on our own and skied some of the classics in the general area. We skied Trifede two, which was great snow, exposed very aesthetic tighter couloior. We also skied the Banan or Banana couloir which is always fun with the high walls on either side. It is so crazy how much vertical feet you can get in one day without starting right at 9. We got almost 30,000 feet with taking a nice coffee break and our first run was not until 1030. Today we decided to go ice climbing since the mountain was socked in and it had snowed a little.

My 4th time ever and we did a very nice 4 pitch route just down from La Grave. It was very warm and wet so I was getting soaked on the entire climb. I guess I needed a bath!! ha ha.

Very fun climb and the the perfect pitch for my 4th time. Tomorrow is our last day which is so sad, but all good times come to an end. Got to get back so I can go compete at Kirkwood for the Freeskiing World Tour!! Either one more day of skiing or some steeper ice climbing for Brian, he said 90 degrees plus. Hope I am ready for that!!!

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