Saturday, February 26, 2011

Powder for day one tomorrow!!

Today was a great day of skiing, it was a cold bluebird powder day!! What more could you ask for on a weather day! We were able to see and check out the venue that is permanently closed to the public which will be amazingly deep powder tomorrow! This competition is going to be one of the most amazing to watch because not only are the tours combined, but this is some of the best conditions that we have ever had for a competition! I am stoked with my line, I picked a more open line that I hopefully can flash and ski well. There is one other person skiing my line before me, but hopefully I can land in a different area off the air. It is really awesome to be able to compete against so many great female skiers. I know every girl out of the 27 and they all rip! So cool!! If you get a chance tune in live tomorrow at or on facebook at 10 am!! Should be a great show to watch. Here are a few photos of the area where I am skiing and the venue.

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