Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finals set for Tuesday Heli drop!!

The last week has been amazing in Canada, we could not have asked for better conditions! The sun has not been out once and it has continued to snow a little bit every day filling everything in nicely! After day 1 I am excited with my finish, the women are incredibly close, tied for 5th I am less than a point out of first. I skied the line I wanted to ski today and felt I skied well! I could have picked a more challenging line, but I really wanted to make sure I was able to make it to the finals! I had a blast during my run and coming through the finish was once again the most rewarding part! This is probably my 31st competition and no matter what I always have a hard time controlling my nerves! It never gets any easier, if anything I have more expectations for myself, but coming through the finish makes me realize why I continue to compete! The weather has blown in again causing us to have to use two weather days, I have yet to see the face I am competing on, but the photo makes it look pretty amazing! I also start to feel a little nervous thinking about it, because it is an incredibly steep face with a ton of terrain! I can not wait to be able to ride the helicopter and ski the Mac Daddy!

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Unknown said...

Yeah Crystal! :) We'll be watching and rooting for you over here in Berkeley!