Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kicking Horse and Revelstoke!!!

Kicking Horse

Each year when I get to come to Canada, I get so excited because everyone is so nice and the ski resorts are mellow and have amazing terrain. The last 2 years I have driven past Kicking Horse and always wanted to stop. This year Hadley, Jess and I decided to make the 14 hour push and stay the night in Golden and ski Kicking Horse yesterday. I had heard that is was one of the only mountains that can compare to Jackson Hole. After skiing a full day there I was more than stoked with the terrain. It had a ton of fun chutes and steep terrain that is easily accessible from the Gondola. The vertical was continual and right around 4100 feet, I have not been that tired from skiing in a while and really helped my confidence for Revelstoke. The conditions were also great, it snowed all day so the skiing just kept getting better and better!


Today it was dumping in Revelstoke and we headed up early to get registered for the competition and do some more pow skiing! The visibility was not great, but since a few of us have been here we were able to find the good spots. Such steep terrain with soft snow. A few of my friends have to compete in qualifiers tomorrow ( I am pre-qualified from my results in South America) so I helped them pick out lines. I really enjoy helping out the other ladies, I know how nervous I was for my first competition and how I had no idea how to pick out a ski line on a venue. I love picking out different lines on a venue for different skiers, all the ladies ski differently so it has been fun to help them. I hope they do well!! I scoped my line for Day 1 a couple of times and I am pretty excited about it, because the snow is bonding to all the rocks and is incredibly soft!! I have another day to scope lines and cheer on my friends, before competing on Friday!


Dawn Meckem, Executive Assistant said...

Roger that Cap'n, Jackson Hole Babe Force, when are those patches going to arrive, it sounds like you need some RIGHT NOW

Mike's Family said...

Thank you for helping us pick out our lines Crystal! It made all the difference in the world for my confidence and excitement for the event!