Friday, March 23, 2012


Yesterday I arrived in Geneva at 630 am, jess and I jumped in the car and were skiing verbier by 10 am! I have never skied here before and I could not believe how big and beautiful the mountains were. Everywhere I looked there were the Alps and Verbier just kept going and going with trams and gondolas. The terrain is amazing and i think there are approximately 6 trams, that make the Jackson tram look small! ( our tram is still faster) The jet lag was tough and it was hard to ski confidently with very littel sleep. Last night after staying up for nearly 24 hours I was able to get some sleep!
The weather is amazing, it is perfect for competing sunny and warm!
Today was inspection day and bib draw, I drew bib 9, which is last out of all the ski ladies! This is not a terrbible thing, but wish I was running earlier! This event is incredibly big in Verbier the entire street is closed and setup with ski shops, food, wine and a huge stage where we were presented our bibs. I have never seen anything like it, signing autographs taking pictures with people, it is pretty amazing to see the support for this sport that I love so much! I have 2 options for a line tomorrow, so I will just have to see how I am feeling in the morning! I am just so pumped to be here and skiing the Le Bec. I have waited 6 years for this opportunity!!! The competition will be live at The ladies start at 930 am euro time! Around 130 mountain time.

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Trish said...

Good luck tomorrow, your such a badass! xoxo