Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ski Conditioning

As we are all waiting for the snow to fall we are also trying to get into the best shape possible to be ready for the skiing when it does finally start. I am teaching two different ski conditioning classes right now, one at the rec center and a smaller one at the Jackson Hole Athletic Club. I am also attempting to kick my own butt into ski shape as well. The normal ski conditioning class consists of lots of strength and agility training so that you can stay out there and ski hard all day and take nonstop runs. Ski Conditioning is great for all levels of skiers. Injury prevention is also another huge goal I have in mind when preparing my ski conditioning class. I feel that everybody that is participating is becoming stronger each class not just with strength but with balance and coordination as well. 
As for myself I am trying to do three days of strictly strength training and 2 days of hard agility. On my strength days I do a lot of lower body and core exercises but also try and focus on my upper body as well. Skiing is an entire body workout. I am also trying to improve my anaerobic training, which means without oxygen. This is what I use mainly when I am competing, short quick bursts of energy. Aerobic is longer endurance type exercises such as skinning or hiking. So hopefully my first day of skiing I will feel like I have trained.

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Jeffrey said...

Definitely some great advice, the problem when going on skiing or snowboarding holidays especially is the lack of conditioning and fitness in general!