Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The First Day of Skiing

Yesterday I decided to head up to Teton Pass to see what I could find for some skiing. I have not skied since April so I was really excited to at least make a couple turns. My friend hannah and I decided to skin up edelweiss which is a low angle grassy run about an hour skin away from the car. There is absolutely no snow in the valley, but the temps have been pretty cold. I was shocked with how great the skiing was, there was about five inches of powder on a crusty layer. The crusty layer underneath worked nicely for a base, I never felt that I was going to punch through. The other positive thing about my run was that since there is not very much snow edelweiss felt like a lot steeper run and longer run. It was a great first day, but I hope it starts to snow soon!

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