Saturday, November 8, 2008

Morelia Mexico

  My boyfriend Brian and I are traveling through mexico mainly the beach areas but traveled inland on our way south. We spent the first week near Sayulita and now we are heading to Xtapo.  

Along the way we stopped in  an old colonial town of Morelia Mexico. Moralia is the capital of  Michoacan state which is in the mountains of  mexico. The elevation is around 6,000 feet.We caught a cab into the center of town and stayed at a tiny hotel right across from a 17th century church. This city has so much history, we walked around and went in about six different churches including the large cathedral which is in the middle of town. This cathedral began production in 1640 and continued until more than a century later. Everything is old stone and very intricately designed, the streets are cobblestone and lined with many shops. There are about 150 historical buildings in Morelia.
I really enjoyed visiting this town, i had always been to the beaches of mexico that are more modernized. I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb in this town with my red hair and wearing my pink Arcteryx hoody. I especially got a lot of looks when I decided to go for a run around the city, it was really fun running the streets of a very old city.  The city was very clean and the people were very nice. I definitely need to brush up on my spanish though, but for the most part I have been able to communicate enough.

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