Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big Red is Back!

On December 19th after two years of hard work and no tram for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort the new tram was unveiled with fireworks and Santa Clause repelling out the bottom. On Saturday the tram opened to the public after six VIP and media cars. I was lucky enough to be on the the third media car which was so exciting. I have been riding the tram since I was five years old so for me it was very exciting because I have always been so excited about riding the red box ever since I was  that little kid. I always would beg my parents to take me up the tram every chance I could. I obviously then continued to love and ride the tram until present day so my first ride on the tram was exciting and I had a window seat which was even better. I could not believe how fast that it took 100 passengers up the mountain, it takes about nine minutes to go 4130 vertical feet. 
Opening day was also a very windy cold day, but the wind did not seem to phase the big box. I could not believe how well it handled the weather coming into the dock.  I have experienced mild lift lines with the tram running, it spreads people out more over the mountain you just need to be the first person down Rendevous Bowl. Thanks to everyone who brought back our amazing tram!

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