Thursday, January 6, 2011

Powder day at Revelstoke day 1 postponed

Today was an awesome powder day at Revelstoke! It snowed 15 inches overnight and it was the best day the locals have had in 2 years, I am glad I could be a part of it! I had a little relapse with my ribs yesterday, so I have been having a hard time mentally. I could hardly ski down yesterday. Today I taped them and felt a lot better, I was a least able to ski 80 percent. We have another day until we compete so hopefully the cartilage and muscle will calm down. I just need to get the confidence to be able to ski what I want to ski and not worry about the pain or getting hurt. I am just happy to be skiing and I am psyched to be in Revelstoke skiing powder and hopefully I can find a line that I can flash and ski well. The womens qualifiers went off today and all the women skied well, my Jackson girls team skied well, but both fell. Tomorrow will be an inspection day and then the event is set to kickoff on Saturday live at the

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