Sunday, January 9, 2011

Helicopter and powder competition!!!


Today was a great competition the snow was great and it was so fun to watch. I was so excited about my line and I thought I knew my line really well. I have been more nervous than normal at this comp and I entered in feeling pretty good, but came in to hot and missed my top air that was really the main points for my line score. I just blacked out and was not sure where I was! Lucky for me I am still in for the finals, I am 5 points out though, so I have some catching up to do. Tomorrow we get to ski by visual inspection only and 60 cm of fresh powder!!!! I am really excited, I am ready to ski something that gets my heart pumping a little. Today I kinda blew it in that department! Revelstoke has been awesome and tomorrow should be a beautiful day for a comp. Tune in at 1230 pm mtn time for the live cast ( Should be a great show and I am excited to redeem myself and ski a fun line. My ribs feel better as well so that really helps my confidence!

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