Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awesome heli ride and 4th place with a fall.

Mac Face after it had sloughed and with patrols on it!

Revelstoke was an awesome experience, but was one of the more mentally stressful comps I had competed in. Before leaving to go to Revy my ribs were definitely not a 100%. When we first got there they started to spasm really bad and I was not sure I would be able to compete. I found a line on day one that I thought was awesome and I thought I knew it really well. I missed my top air and it cost me 5 points, which put me pretty far out. The comp was also delayed for two days, which was good for my ribs but stressful mentally because I was just ready to compete. After day one I was psyched to ski Mac face and it looked amazing. Monday morning I headed up the mountain and it was on of the coldest days that we had experienced in Revy. (easily negative 20 with wind chill) I watched the patrollers do ski cuts and all the snow slide off the face. I could not believe how thin the face had become. I decided to pick a chute that was technical, but did not have a lot of air. We loaded the heli after the patrollers had done two runs of control. The heli ride was so amazing the day was cold and clear so you could see for miles into the mountains. We unloaded on the top and I think all of our nerves came back after the excitement of the heli ride. We were all a little unsure what to ski. The first two girls went and walked out of their skis above exposure, which was a little intimidating. The snow was incredibly punchy and crusty and the head judge was telling us to go slow and just ski fluid. I entered in and felt the snow breaking underneath me, I went into the chute and all the snow was strait sugar to rock. Every turn I made it would all slough away to rock. I made it down the rocky exposed chute pretty well until I decided to ski out with some speed. I came out a little hot and hit the hardened avy debris and spun around on my back twice. I was back up skiing as fast as I could through the debris. I watched the other two girls fall behind me as well. I had to go for it with the position I was in, but it was so crazy to see every girl fall except one. My fall did not score as well as the others and I was left with 4th place, which I am happy with and now I am sitting in second in the tour standings. Overall such a fun skiing experience! Can't wait to go back.

Helicopter on the landing zone!!

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